Saturday, December 12, 2015

Items of Interest: Week of Dominica II Adventus

Guadalupe and God’s Word: A Biblical-Theological Interpretation of Her Apparition
by Paulino Forte (Homiletic & Pastoral Review). «When Miguel Sánchez published Imagen de la Virgen María in 1648, he did more than document the first apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the New World. Scholars agree that his account became a lens through which clergy and faithful interpreted Our Lady of Guadalupe by promoting a set of Marian themes that explained the significance of the apparition. In the pages that follow, I will present the key interpretative elements of Sánchez’s book—primarily, Mary as the Woman from Revelation 12, the New Eve and the New Ark of the Covenant—and examine how his Patristic-influenced theology made a compelling argument for the uniqueness of her apparition. This will include a brief review of the liturgical readings from her feast day that reflect the typological interpretation employed by Sánchez.»

Our Lady of Guadalupe & the Renaissance of Civilization
by Peter Howard ( «The global significance of Mary’s appearances in Guadalupe cannot be underscored enough. What took place in 1531, and the Marian revolution which followed for the next eight years, is a message for all the world! Let’s briefly look at the history of this event in order to appreciate its more important spiritual significance. It is a history contextualized between the seemingly endless conflict between Christianity and Islam and, more broadly, the culture of life versus a culture of death.»

Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told
by Antonio Valeriano. The original source document on Our Lady of Guadalupe, in parallel English and Nahuatl versions.«Here it is told, and set down in order, how a short time ago the Perfect Virgin Holy Mary Mother of God, our Queen, miraculously appeared out at Tepeyac, widely known as Guadalupe.»

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