Saturday, November 7, 2015

Items of Interest: Week of Omnium Sanctorum

The Unexamined Assumptions of the Skeptic: Alison Gopnik’s Trade of Hard Atheism for Soft Atheism
by Fr. Patrick Irish (American Orthodox Institute). «Gopnik, and by extension every post-Russell skeptic has done (logically), is an attempt to shift away human consideration of any unprovable It (God, Self, a Purple Dragon or Russell’s Teapot) to an unexamined acceptance of unprovable metaphysical notions like numina. She sets forth an irrational analogical propaganda of human skepticism versus Aristotelian metaphysics, one that she does not test, honestly as a skeptic.»

Recovering Lincoln’s Teaching on the Limits to the Courts--and Giving the News to David Blankenhorn
By Hadley Arkes (Public Discourse). «History clearly demonstrates that the legislative branch can legitimately act to counter the rulings of the judicial branch. This is as true for marriage as it was for slavery.»

The Synod’s Fundamental Issue: The Legacy of St. John Paul II
by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza (National Catholic Register). «How much of John Paul’s vast teaching and witness will remain of guiding importance and what aspects, if any, will be left aside?»

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