Friday, September 25, 2015

Items of Interest: Week of Dominica XVII Post Pentecosten

Entranced by Reality
by Ian Marcus Corbin (The American Conservative). A review of Robert Zaretsky's A Life Worth Living: Albert Camus and the Quest for Meaning. Camus' Le Chute was one of the major influences in my initial conversion.

A first and second look at «Mitis Iudex»
by Dr. Edward Peters (Catholic World Report). «I think these five canons and the official explanation that accompanies them raise several serious questions for ecclesiastical marriage law.»

Full Text Of Pope Francis’ Address To Congress
(uCatholic). «A nation can be considered great when it defends liberty as Lincoln did, when it fosters a culture which enables people to “dream” of full rights for all their brothers and sisters, as Martin Luther King sought to do; when it strives for justice and the cause of the oppressed, as Dorothy Day did by her tireless work, the fruit of a faith which becomes dialogue and sows peace in the contemplative style of Thomas Merton.» Watch the video.

The Decline And Fall Of American Political Debate
by John Daniel Davidson (The Federalist). «[Camille Paglia said] ‹But here’s my point: it is everyone’s obligation, whatever your political views, to look at both liberal and conservative news sources every single day. You need a full range of viewpoints to understand what is going on in the world.› That Paglia would say this at all is a sign that most Americans no longer read news sources that span the ideological spectrum. This is of course part of a larger problem... [We're] separated, increasingly, by the news and commentary we read and watch. To the extent that it informs us of what’s going on, and why, and what to expect, our fragmentation and insularity has reached a dangerous tipping point: we no longer agree on what’s real...What this means in practice is that we tend to seek out news and commentary that more or less reflects our own opinions back to us. Reading the news becomes an exercise in confirmation bias.»

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